Meet the Fleet



Luna was born in 1970. We think she’s lived most of her life in the PNW and was parked out in SE Portland when we found her. Luna loves living in Hood River, where the community knows her by name and where she is close to so many of her favorite event venues. She does enjoy a nice drive on 84 and on special occasions doesn’t mind heading back to the city from which she came! Even though her engine is air-cooled, it’s stronger than ever. She always leaves a little early for her gigs, so there’s time to throw peace signs along the way. 



Limoncita was born in 1971. She joined the FotoBus fleet in 2018 and started FotoBus Florida! She lays her rubber to rest in Manatee County, but loves getting out n’ about from Sarasota to St. Pete! We’ve given her interior a complete makeover and now she’s as cute as a Florida Beach AirBnB!



Canela was born in 1970 and is the newest member of The FotoBus Fam! We found her sitting pretty in Camas, Washington and she just begged us to take her home. She’s as original as they come and absolutely stunning! She’ll be making her debut as a FotoBus this coming Spring of 2019. 



Sunshine was born in 1972 and is Jen’s OG Florida car+home. The story of how those two met is a good one, you’ll just have to ask about. Long story short, after Luna got up and running in the PNW, Sunshine came out to join in the fun! She does miss the warm winters, but loves camping in the mountains and feeling the cool Gorge breeze blow through her engine.