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The FotoBus Co. was created to provide wondrous, delightful, and surprising photographic experiences to the masses. We strive to create a joyful atmosphere around our services, while facilitating treasured memories.

Our crew of passionate, fun-loving individuals love to host and show our guests a great time. Facilitating an awesome customer experience is our greatest priority. Serving guests with the utmost hospitality, contributing a valuable and joyful experience.

Volkswagon Obsessed Photographer

Likely born into the wrong decade, Jen Jones is an adventure obsessed entrepreneur, who chases summer and vintage car ads year round. A photographer by trade, Jen started the fotobus co as a “side hustle” to her flourishing wedding business. She now owns a fleet of 5 buses, and operates on the east and west coast of the US. Her meticulous attention to detail and passion for her work is witnessed by the love and care she gives to her “dream machines” and client experiences.

Always looking for the next adventure and pushing the pursuit of making dreams a reality, Jen is open to partnering with other ambitious folks to grow the bus-life biz and franchise her brilliant concept and adorable brand. If you’re interested, drop your info below and start the conversation!

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